7 Tips for Maximizing Productivity When Working From Home

In the age of the coronavirus pandemic, most people have been forced to work from home, with no access to their usual structure and support at the office. For many, this lack of structure can be a challenge. If you find yourself struggling to get anything accomplished working from home, these seven tips can help you maximize productivity.

1. Stick to Your Regular Routines

You may feel that Structure is lacking in a work from home situation, and, in many ways, it is. Establishing and sticking to your routines as if you were in the office can help minimize this sense of structure and give you a sense of normalcy. Setting an alarm to wake up and a list of tasks to accomplish throughout the day can help you maximize your productivity.

2. Establish a Designated Workspace

If you have the means, set up a dedicated workspace – a specific area or room – in your home to use as your office. This will help keep your work and personal lives separate, while also providing mental cues that you’re in work mode. If you don’t have the luxury of having a dedicated workspace, find an area in your home that’s comfortable and low-distraction and make it your workplace.

3. Make Time for Breaks

It may be tempting to power through your work, trying to be as productive as possible, but this can be detrimental to both your physical and mental health. It’s important to take short breaks throughout the day to rest your mind and body. Going for a quick walk or a snack break will help keep your energy levels up and give you a much-needed break from your work.

4. Reduce Unnecessary Distractions

Undefined distractions are one of the biggest challenges of working from home, as there’s no office policy prohibiting potentially distracting behavior. Don’t log onto social media sites or set up notifications on your phone, as these can be detrimental to your productivity. Turn off the TV, set your phone on silent, and remind your family and roommates that you’re on the clock.

5. Leverage Technology

The best way to maximize productivity and stay on track when working from home is to leverage technology. Make use of calendar and productivity apps to establish task lists, track your progress and stay organized. You can also take advantage of communication platforms to stay connected with your team.

6. Exercise

Exercising every day can help improve your productivity and focus at work, as well as boost your overall mood. Even just a 30-minute walk or a 10-minute yoga session can make a world of difference in your productivity.

7. Communicate with Your Team

Finally, staying connected and communicating with your team is essential for successful remote work. Keeping an open line of communication and regular check-ins helps ensure that you’re all up to date on deadlines, are collaborating effectively and are staying motivated.


Working from home can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. By following these seven tips, you can maximize your productivity and stay focused and organized. From setting up a dedicated workspace to taking regular breaks and staying connected with your team, these key elements are essential for successful remote work that will benefit both yourself and your employer.