The Unavoidable Necessity of Work From Home Products: How to Kit Out Your Home Office

The days of the Monday morning commute to an office, piled in a train or metro, have taken a hit due to the global pandemic of 2020. Working from home looks here to stay, and setting up your most efficient and comfortable home office is now of utmost importance.

Getting the right gear for the job is essential for optimal home working, and here are the items you need for a productive home office setup.

Desk and Chair

The possibilities for finding both a desk and chair to fit into your home office space are plentiful – custom-built having the greatest range of use and flexibility. Options start from a traditional wooden/steel style table, through to an adjustable height standing desk with an ergonomic seating arrangement. If a custom built desk isn’t possible, look to retail stores to find suitable items.


An absolute must for all home offices, the type of computer you choose is dependent on your type of work. However, a laptop gives the greatest range of use and can be easily transported around the home as needed.

Internet Connection

For most of us, without a fast and reliable Internet connection, our work would suffer. Make sure that you have a fast Internet connection, with the minimum speed of 25 Mbps. Consider having a wired connection for optimal speed and reliability instead of wireless. It’s also worth looking into a possible upgrade if your Internet connection is not performing at an optimal level.

Storage Options

Having enough storage for your documents, files and supplies is crucial. A filing cabinet is ideal, namely one with drawers that allow for easy access and to organize items. Shelving above the desk is good for storing boxes, books, and other items that you need handy for work.


Whether you need to print documents, photos or just require a scanner or copier, having a printer handy is essential. A multi-function printer offers the greatest range of features, be sure to check if the printer has the ability to connect to your computer via a wired or wireless connection.

Additional Items

  • Headset – Essential for video conferences, chat with colleagues and making business calls.
  • Monitor – If you need more than just your laptop for work, consider getting an additional monitor for any desktop rigs you may need to work on.
  • Wall Organizer – A great way to store any bits and pieces that you may need, like paper clips, documents, and notes.
  • Lighting – Poor lighting is bad for both the eyes and concentration. Invest in a suitable lamp that offers bright and adjustable illumination.
  • Whiteboard – An often overlooked tool that is extremely helpful for brainstorming, problem-solving and planning.

Once all your items are chosen and installed, you should be prepared to work in comfort and efficiency from your setup. The process of having to work from home needn’t be a daunting task, with the right organization and suitable tools, you should be more productive than ever before. It could even serve as an additional investment for the future.